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Harbinger | Nylon Head Harness
Harbinger | Nylon Head Harness

Harbinger | Nylon Head Harness

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     Made of cordura nylon for great strength and durability.

Padded with polyester shearling to enhance comfort.

30 inch steel chain with attachment for plates.

Slip weight plates onto the chain through the hole on weight plates.

Not intended for heavy weight plates.

Fully adjustable, one size fits all."กำลังมองหาวิธีสร้างกล้ามเนื้อคออยู่ใช่หรือไม่ ขอแนะนำไนลอน เฮด ฮาร์เนส ที่ทำจากไนลอนสำหรับใส่ศีรษะพร้อมโซ่เหล็กสำหรับคล้องกับแผ่นน้ำหนัก สามารถปรับขนาดที่รัดศีรษะได้ง่าย


     The key to using a head harness safely is to add the weight before you put the harness on you head. Here’s how you add weight to the harness:

Unclip the chain from the harness. Slip the weight plate onto the harness through the hole in the center the weight plate. Re-clip the chain to the head harness. Check that the chain is clipped closed properly before lifting the harness with the weight attached.
Place the head harness over your head, with the Velcro® closure in the front (across your brow). It should fit over your head and ears with the adjustable closure strap in the front and the back of the harness strap running across the base of your skull. Once the harness is on your head, tighten the Velcro® closure to ensure a secure but comfortable fit.

Safety reminder: Head harnesses are designed to be used with weight plates that are slipped onto the chain and locked onto the chain. They are not intended to be used with any other form of weight that is suspended or wrapped by the harness chain. Do not use any alternative weight suspension system other than what is described above. For your safety, the maximum recommended weight is no more than 25 lbs. "


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